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Writing Services

Providing my writing skills to individual brands, small businesses, and major companies looking to build and grow.

Words are more than just letters on a page. They craft stories and identities that stand the test of time. I want to make your message is encapsulated through those letters on the page. 


It is all about connecting with the consumer on every front. Luckily, I specialize in:

  • Social, digital, and email marketing
  • Corporate biography
  • Corporate blog/page
  • Press kit


Honing your voice is important when making a statement or connecting with others . That is where my skills come in.

  • One-off blog
  • Blog series (monthly or weekly)

News and views

Everyone wants to be kept informed about the world around them. As a journalist, I have experience crafting:

  • Daily news (under 500 words)
  • Long-form news (500-1,000)
  • Feature (1,000-2,000 words)
  • Review (short- and long-form)


Telling one’s story can be hard. Luckily, I can take your words and bring life into them.

  • Fiction
  • Creative nonfiction
  • Short story
  • Screenwriting (varying lengths)
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I want to start off first by saying thank you! Very professional and gifted. Well please with his service. I’m really satisfied!!!

Shatina Smith

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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